Graft Cider





Sour cider is a style of fermentation typically at warm temperatures with wild yeast and bacteria that lives on the skin of the apples.  This creates a cider that has a range of complex flavors and a lactic tartness. sour are we talking here?
Our ciders range in acidity, though we have been favoring tartness over full on warhead sour in our recent batches. 

Wild yeast is everywhere and you can find large quantities on the skins of fruits.  These yeast strains very greatly and help develop complex aromatics in our cider.  At Graft we ferment both with the wild yeast that come in with the fruit as well as a wild yeast strain of Brettanomyces that we isolated off of a wild apple tree by the road side right outside of New Paltz, NY.  

Where do you source your APPLES? 
We are a NY Farm Cidery and get all of our apples from NY State.  We get the majority of our apples from the Hudson Valley where they are pressed by Minard Farms as well as some from the Finger Lakes from Beak & Skiff. 

I have heard of a GOSE style beer but whats a GOSE cider?
Okay so we may have taken some liberties with the name, but salt pairs so well with Sour Cider that we had to do it!  We add a small amount of sea salt to our ciders to make them pop and finish them with everything from citrus zest to flowers and spices.

Your cans look like beer cans, is there any beer in your cider?
We are by law a winery and can never use any malt or grains in our ciders.  Therefore, an added benefit for some is all of our ciders are gluten-free.

HELP! What food pairs best with your cider? 
Cider pairs great with fatty and salted meats & fish, pizza, creamy pasta, cheeses & charcuterie. 

We ferment all of our ciders to zero grams of sugar and sometimes want to add a touch of sweetness.  Milk Sugar, the sugar found in milk, is a creamy and silky sugar source that also impossible for yeast to eat and convert into alcohol allowing us to retain a small amount of sugar( typically less than 1 gram per 12oz can).  We only ever use milk sugar in our Book Of Nomad, Cloud City & Shared Universe lines and it will always be listed in the ingredients if you are sensitive. 


Are your ciders GLUTEN FREE?
Yes all of our ciders are gluten-free, period

Do your ciders contain SULFITES, SORBATES or any other CHEMICALS?
No all of our ciders come in as raw as possible from the farm and we never add any stabilizers or chemicals like Sulfites or Sorbates in our cider.

How many CALORIES & GRAMS OF SUGAR are in a can of Graft Cider?
All of our core cider has zero grams of sugar and is around 130 calories per 12oz can.  The high end with the milk sugar is typically around 1 gram of sugar per 12oz can and is around 135 calories. 

How is it possible that your cider has ZERO GRAMS OF SUGAR?
Cider, despite conventional thinking actually wants to ferment all the way to dryness.  To add back sweetness requires killing or removing all yeast and bacteria through the addition of chemicals like sulfites and sorbates, pasteurization, and/or filtration.  

You guys COLLABORATE with BREWERIES frequently, is there any GLUTEN in these?
Our ciders never have gluten in them and we only ever make ciders when produce at our cidery.  If the collaboration however is from another facility and is a brewery then it is likely 100% beer and will have gluten.  


Where do you make your cider?
Our Cidery is located in the Hudson Valley about 1.5 hours north of NYC in Newburgh, NY. 

Do you have a TASTING ROOM or offer TOURS?
We do not currently have a Tasting Room or offer Tours.  We do hope to open an offsite Micro-Cidery in the near future to show off everything that makes Graft Cider great!

What STATES do you sell to?
We currently distribute to BC, CT, DC, FL, MA, MD, NY, PA, RI, VA. Come summer of 2018 we will be distributed in ME, VT as well as Ontario and the UK. 

Where can I find your ciders?
We do not have a store finder live yet.  However using Beermenus or Untappd to find our ciders is a great way to find us depending on your location.  If your local store/bar we appreciate it if you ask for Graft!

You used to have bottles, will I ever see them again?
Yes! Native is our spontaneously fermented bottled cider using all Hudson Valley ingredients. We ferment without adding any yeast and use heirloom apple varietals from old growth orchards.  The fermented cider is aged in oak for nine months then bottle conditioned for three months prior to releasing.

Do you have any merchandise? 
Soon! December 1st 2018!